We are closer than you think, and it will be worse than you can imagine.

October 28, 2018

We are closer than you think, and it will be worse than you can imagine.

We have had to increase the odds of civil war once again. There can be no doubt the politicians and the media are engaged and taking sides.

This civil war talk is much more serious than many realize. The last week there were two incidents that show just how divided and ugly the situation is. A Trump supporter from Florida mailed out a scary device to several prominent people. These do not appear to have been bombs, rather they were something that looked like bombs intended to scare people.

President Trump was blamed for this.

Then 11 innocent people were massacred in Pennsylvania by a man who did not like Trump.

President Trump was also blamed for this.

CNN did it most loudly but that was picked up by The Washington Post.

This is something different and very dangerous.

Some in the media have clearly taken a side. To blame the president for either of these incidents is silly. To do it so quickly is simply dangerous.

The fact that politicians, news media members and Hollywood actors would associate these acts of violence with the president is bad. The comments by average Americans on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit is much worse.  By blaming the president his followers are of course considered guilty as well.

Blaming the group, which we are told never to do when a Muslim or left wing attack happens, gives cover to retaliate. The media and actors probably don’t understand this. The politicians should, and the average citizen who is so deeply engaged does not care.

It is hard to see a path that doesn’t lead to wide spread civil unrest if not outright civil war.

Here is a list of wars in the 20th century.

War Civil War?
1898–1901 Boxer Rebellion 1
1899–1902 Boer War 1
1904–1905 Russo-Japanese War
1910–1920 Mexican Revolution 1
1912–1913 First and Second Balkan Wars 1
1914–1918 World War I
1915–1918 Armenian Genocide 1
1917 Russian Revolution 1
1918–1921 Russian Civil War 1
1919–1921 Irish War of Independence 1
1927–1937 Chinese Civil War 1
1933–1945 Holocaust
1935–1936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War
1936–1939 Spanish Civil War 1
1939–1945 World War II
1945–1990 Cold War
1946–1949 Chinese Civil War resumes 1
1946–1954 First Indochina War 1
1948 Israel War of Independence
1946 Greece civil war 1
1950–1953 Korean War 1
1954–1962 French-Algerian War
1955–1972 First Sudanese Civil War 1
1956 Suez Crisis
1959 Cuban Revolution 1
1959–1975 Vietnam War 1
1967 Six-Day War
1979–1989 Soviet-Afghan War
1980–1988 Iran-Iraq War
1990–1991 Persian Gulf War
1991–1995 Third Balkan War 1
1994 Rwandan Genocide 1


Of these 32 conflicts 19 of them were civil wars or internal revolutions. Civil wars are not rare, they are more common than any other war.

We are not exempt. The rhetoric becomes more violent every day. The division becomes greater every day.

What do you see that could stop this?


This will be a horrible war.

The division and rhetoric are laying the groundwork for a war that cannot be stopped with compromise. The left is filled with righteous indignation. They see no path for compromise.

The right are winning elections but cannot seem to gain traction with the media, Hollywood or moderate Democrats. The cold civil war rages on with boycotts by entire states against other states. California leading the pack with this economic warfare. But the politicians and voters in California do not see it this way. They believe Texas and other states are morally wrong and must come around to California’s way of thinking. There can be no compromise.

Immigration is the same. There is no plan to compromise. The left will not support a wall or sending home immigrants. Half of the country wants it stopped completely. The other half wants to increase immigration.

When this war starts, it will be hard to stop.

There is a glimmer of hope that after a few months of fighting, both sides will come to the table to end it. But this is a slim chance. This is likely to be a long war that is fought until there is unconditional surrender by one side.

Wars like this become increasingly more brutal. The deaths pile up and the economic damage grows greater by the week. As civil wars drag on those caught in the middle become unwitting combatants. Independents are enemies. Thus when attacking the enemy, sieges and starvation or other hardship of innocents is no longer a moral problem. If they are not with us, surely they are supporting our enemy.

In The United States it gets even worse. The civil war in Greece in 1946 was relatively short at 3 years. But this is because the communists were backed by Yugoslavia and the government forces were backed by both the UK and The United States. There will be a temptation for both sides to garner favor and support from other nations. This probably won’t work, but where it does it will only make things worse.

As the sides harden and the death toll mounts the military will feel compelled to intervene. But this will not work either as it will just divide the military.

As the violence spreads commerce becomes more difficult and the pain and suffering grow. If the war rages on for several years the warring factions will probably realize that the thing they were fighting for is no longer an issue. The immigrants will have fled. The coffers will be empty and there will be no hope for universal healthcare or any government health care.

So both parties keep fighting.  So much is lost that the logical choice is to fight until you have completely dominated or annihilated the enemy.

The enemy list grows. What starts out as political fighting quickly becomes something else. An easier to identify enemy. The left will blame white privilege and so all whites become fair game. This fractures the left and now we may have three sides fighting. The right may blame immigrants. Caught up in the fight are Americans who have been here for generations, but are no longer seen as real Americans. So a fracturing happens again.

By the time the violence ends the politicians, pundits, news media, celebrities and other influential people are long forgotten or dead. The cities of tomorrow will make the worse areas of Detroit or Chicago look like a paradise. You’ll know the end is near when no one bothers to bury the dead.

When we survey the damage done one hopes someone will ask, why couldn’t we be more civil? Why did we blame the President and half the nation who supported him for the acts of a mad man? But by then it is too late.

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