We had high hopes that after the election we would be lowering the number. Alas it is not to be. Things have gotten worse, much worse.

We are now at 59%

We are at a critical juncture. As we’ve explained we really believe that the chances of civil war can be broken down into five sections.

0%-20%. This is where nations are most of the time. There is little chance of civil unrest. It would take some wild series of events to start a civil war. Highly unlikely.


20%-40% The nation is divided. There is a danger that things could spiral out of control. For the most part the politicians are getting along and compromise is still the norm. Protests are peaceful and rare or at least not common. While a single even could change this overnight, it isn’t expected. Think the first French civil war, or the civil war in Greece in 1946.  There was division, but no one thought civil war was likely.

40%-60% The nation is very divided. Politicians are in the fight, but not yet calling for violence. Protests are ubiquitous and often violent.  Citizens are talking about civil war, but not preparing. Compromises are few and far between. When we say people are not preparing we believe that is as it should be. Thought there is a better chance than not, civil war is still not anywhere near a certainty. But at this point the politicians, the news media and the cultural drivers must address the rhetoric and begin to compromise. The higher the number in this range the more critical. The nation may be in a cold civil war. This means boycotts of businesses owned or operated by the opposition. Shunning and separation of people opposed to our political view is also rampant. The political discourse is spilling into day to day conversations.

60%-80% In this range you should be preparing. The respect for the rule of law is fading or non-existent. Trust in government and government institutions is falling fast. Protests are constant and violent. Random killings or violence occurs for political reasons.  Travel is somewhat restricted because of the violence or protests. Citizens see the danger and prepare to move, fight or stay and hold their ground.

80% and higher. This is near the end. Although it may not be acknowledged, civil war has begun. Fighting between large groups and often death is a result. If you are in a city and you are not fighting, you should be moving.  The economy is also falling as a result of the violence. Politicians are taking a side and supporting the violence to support their party or cause. It is very important to note that in civil war there may not be a big issue that causes it. Civil wars can be just about one group against the other. The righteous indignation is such that policies will change from day to day. If my enemy is for it, I must be against it.

We are currently at 59%. What should have been a time for celebration for the Democrats with the House win, and sigh of relief from Republicans for the Senate win has turned ugly. Instead of both sides reaching out, we are going to fight over the results.

We are clearly in a cold civil war. Boycotts are rampant. California is currently boycotting several states (Texas included) over political ideologies. Most of California’s reasoning is around the issue of gay rights. They believe it is a fundamental human rights issue and that these states are evil, immoral or otherwise corrupt. No debate is possible. They do not acknowledge a position different than their own.  They are filled with righteous indignation. It is either their way, or no way. Not only is compromise not possible, discussion is off the table as well.

Trust in government institutions has all but broken down. The right simply does not trust the government officials in Broward County or Palm County. They believe the election is being stolen. The left insists that all votes must be counted. However, notice that they do not even consider that the votes may be fraudulent. IF there is a piece of paper with a vote on it, they believe that it must be counted.

And the righteous indignation is growing.

The left is tossing around voter suppression, racism and other vicious attacks. There can be no discussion about the validity of the votes.

The next few weeks are critical. If in a representative form of government the vote is not trusted, what is left? How do we ever come together if one side or the other believes the government is illegitimate?

We have our prediction at 59%. This means we don’t think you need to stock pile food, have a plan to move should violence get worse or start thinking about what side you are on. But it does mean we are very close.

Over the next two weeks we will be updating daily. It is that important. A house divided cannot stand. We are a house divided. Instead of the politicians, media, and cultural drivers working tirelessly to intelligently rebuild the foundation of the house, they are taking sides to tear it down.

Two things that are very troubling.

If the counting in the two Florida counties is honest, why the secrecy? The truth never need be hidden. Crimes must always be done in the dark. Why are votes being counted in the dark?

Why not just hold the election again? If we really care about the vote, and really want everyone to have faith in the government and its institutions, just do it again. Have a team of Republicans and Democrats at each polling location and counting the votes.

Failing that, why wouldn’t the Democrats insist that the media and the Republicans are in the room when the ballots are being verified and counted?


Because they are cheating. I’m sorry to be so partisan, but the truth is the truth. If they were being honest, they would insist that the Republicans and the media see every move. There would be no need for secrecy. The sanctity of the vote would still be protected. And all the world would know they are honest. But they will not. There is no logical explanation for this. They are cheating. If you believe otherwise you are either lying or you are a fool.

If we can’t get this right. If we can’t bring together the nation on something this simple and easy, do you really believe we are going to fix this divide?