Mail bombs and civil war

Bombs have now been sent to two more prominent people. But will they increase the chance of civil war?

The short answer is we just don’t know. Right now there isn’t enough information. The first reaction is that these were sent by a right-winger who is hell bent on violence. But we’ve been fooled before. This could be an attempt by someone on the left to fire up the left wing. This is not a likely scenario, but at this point there isn’t enough information one way or the other.

The number of devices alone suggests that this is a serious threat and not a hoax, or “message” being sent. The fact that none of them were detonated and none of them were sent to people who would have actually opened them is troubling. That’s what leads us to believe these may have just been trying to scare others into action.

As the investigation produces more information this could greatly increase the chance of civil violence.

One thing that has become now painfully clear is that the media has clearly taken a side. The bias in the main stream media is well documented and supported by fact. But this latest has exposed a more concerning trend. Several news outlets, including the New York Times have tried to lay some of the blame on President Trump. This despite the fact that just two weeks ago Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder both suggested either violence or lack of civility towards Republicans.

It isn’t so much the bombs the self that we are concerned with (although this may be a troubling development) but the fact that so much of the media is jumping in politically. This kind of rhetoric only inflames the fringe. If investigation finds that someone from the right did this, the left have been cover by the media to accuse all Trump supporters for the action. If it turns out this was a setup intended to make the right look bad, then the right will be incensed at the media once again picking a side and blaming the president and thus his supporters.

This is a time for calm, rational debate. It is a perfect opportunity for real journalists to investigate, and start asking some serious questions about the health of our nation. Instead, they seem to be piling on and slinging arrows before the facts are known.

With an historically important election less than two weeks away honest journalism could go a long way towards healing the divide in this nation. I’d watch for this story to stay on the front pages as long as it can be used to fire up the base of one party or the other. If it’s found that this was done by a right-winger, the left will quickly attack the “Jobs versus Mobs” talking point to fire up their base and perhaps gain some independents. If it turns out to have come from the left, it will buttress the mobs claim from the right.

But at the end of the day, this may simply be the work of a lunatic.


Bombs also sent to Biden and and Robert DeNiro.

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