Is Hillary calling for a civil war?

As we posted on the front page Hillary’s comments on CNN were troubling. I’m sure she  doesn’t intend to call for a civil war. I do however believe if she were a more aware of history that she would never have made the comments.

Michael Goodwin has an article on Fox News that is asking a good question; “Where is the outrage?”

Many on the left and right are frustrated and feel disenfranchised. But asserting that there can be no civil discourse until your side is in power is not a good path to take.

This was a big event. Probably one of the biggest concerning a second civil war in the last couple of months. And that’s including the Kavanaugh hearings.

If Secretary Clinton doesn’t believe that the Democrats can be civil with Republicans now, how are we ever going to compromise? How will we start the process of true intellectual discourse to fix the divide that threatens the nation?

Mrs. Clinton is clearly frustrated, as are many Democrats. But now it’s coming from the leadership. Perhaps her comment will encourage both sides to come to the table.

The article is linked below.

Michael Goodwin: Hillary’s calling for a ‘civil’ war — Where’s the outrage?


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