Florida vote problems nothing new.

Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes is no stranger to controversy. From a story in 2017:

“Snipes said she is doing everything the law requires to keep the county’s voting rolls up to date, for the most part relying on the state to provide needed information about voters who have died or committed felonies, and using change of address information to start clear rolls every two years of people who have moved. But testifying on Monday, Snipes said she is taking additional measures suggested by one of ACRU’s expert witnesses.”



The question here is what does the math show. There are some reports that the new ballots are going 3 to 1 for Democrats. This is quite a bit higher than what should have been expected. This is the evidence the Republicans are citing as fraud and corruption. It’s hard to argue with the mathematics.


And Google is once again working overtime to try to disparage the right.

Do this search on news.google.com

florida election fraud




You’ll find story after story about how Trump is making wild conspiracy accusations with no evidence.

This despite the fact that there is clearly evidence (the numbers don’t lie) and the fact that the counts are being done in secret. A judge had to step in to force Broward County and Palm county to follow the law.

Yet Google continues to cover for the left.

I can’t imagine the liberal half of the nation would be happy if Google were manipulating news for the right. And if we know anything about billionaires at all, we know they like money. It will be interesting to see what happens when Google at some point in the future decides to use that monopolistic power against the left.

Of course by that time it will be hard for the left to make a case, as there will be no one left to defend them.