American Civil War — Part II Thomas Friedman

This is from the Las Vegas Sun and ran Sunday October 7th.

Friedman realizes the chance for civil war, but then fans the flames a bit with this;

“And nothing is sacred. Judge Brett Kavanaugh defended himself last month with the kind of nasty partisan attacks and ugly conspiracy theories that you would expect only from a talk radio host — never from a would-be justice of the Supreme Court. Who can expect fairness from him now?”

Then he misses the point with this:

“But in the early 2000s, most high-wage, middle-skilled jobs disappeared. Now there is only a high-wage, high-skilled job and a low-wage, low-skilled job. And that has fractured the middle class and left a lot of people behind. The end of the Cold War has meant that no foreign enemy cements us together anymore, save for a brief period after 9/11. And the Republican Party has lost its way.”

Those jobs left with globalism. It is Trump and the Republican party that are at least attempting to remedy the situation is it not?

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