All eyes on Virginia and the Second Amendment

With more than 100 counties and cities in Virginia declaring themselves second amendment sanctuary cities for the second amendment, all eyes are focused on what will happen next. This is important because VA only has 95 counties.

Right after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam won re-election he started pushing gun control.

The most contentious of these pieces of legislation is certainly the new definition of “assault rifles”.

“The bill redefines ‘assault firearm’ by reducing the number of rounds of ammunition that a firearms magazine will hold in order to be defined as an ‘assault firearm’ from more than 20 to more than 10 and prohibits any person from knowingly and intentionally possessing or transporting any assault firearm or from knowingly and intentionally carrying about his person, hidden from common observation, an assault firearm.”

Will this lead to civil unrest?

We need only look at the 2016 presidential election map for Virginia to see that this is a serious problem. While Hillary carried the state with 49.7% of the vote, President Trump’s 44.4% was won by large margins in the rural and exurban areas. In the urban areas, Hillary Clinton won with big margins.

In Fairfax county Hillary received 64% of the votes of 551,183 people

But in just 11 other counties with a combined population of nearly 400,000, Donald Trump received 68% of the vote.

In Virginia Beach County alone, with 220,000 votes Trump won by 4%. In this county 38.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. In the entire nation, that number is only 21%.

This destroys the left’s narrative that uneducated voters are voting for Trump.

Another example of falsehood comes from Warren County, Ohio where 42% of residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. In 2016 Trump beat Hillary with over 66% of the vote.

The left continues to paint the right, and Trump supporters as uneducated, disgruntled middle-class and lower class.

The data shows clearly that this is not true.

Should civil unrest break out, or civil war, the left will be facing a highly educated, highly motivated and highly resourceful force. Hopefully, these people who understand what is happening will resort to an effective civil disobedience as opposed to violence.

But our politicians shouldn’t count on that. As of July 2018 31% of American’s believed a second civil war was likely. This is a very bad sign.

With the trouble in Virginia, how many more will believe that it is likely? And more importantly, how many will see it as the only option?

It’s unlikely that the Supreme Court would uphold Governor Northam’s radical scheme. If cooler heads prevail for a few months, or a year even, we may get through this unscathed. But every day that passes more seems to pile up on the right.

The left would be well served to read a bit of history. People can only be pushed so far. If they feel irrelevant and ignored, a simple spark can ignite a mighty explosion.