Americas second civil war

Article from Teeka Tawiri at Town Hall.


Tawiri suggests the second civil war may not be a shooting civil war. This is hopeful, but history shows that things can quickly turn from bad to worse.

“This Civil War won’t be a shooting war. We’re not going to have a war between the North and the South on the battlefields of Fort Sumter or Gettysburg. It’ll be an economic Civil War… One in which states could exert their financial independence.”

This is along the lines of the “cold” civil war suggestion that is so prevalent right now. We can certainly hope for the best, but it’s a better idea to consider all possibilities. A cold civil war may be a  comforting thought to some, but the reality is the worse the “cold” part gets the more likely the situation devolves into violence.

The thinking is that we can avoid violence by forcing our opponents into a corner economically. But that makes it really difficult to declare a winner. Without a winning side even the forced compromise becomes harder. It could just extend the misery until the shooting actually begins.

The bottom line is there is no good war. Cold, hot or otherwise people will suffer on both sides and our only real option is to figure out a way to compromise.


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